Call us: +91-9810397596 | E-mail:      Welcome,  Guest. (CENCUSER), established in May 2009, is a online medium for Resource Company providing business-critical information free to registered users. 

CenCuSer is an electronic library dedicated on indirect taxation matters. It contains Central Excise, Customs, Service Tax, Foreign Trade Policy, International trade, RBI, Budget and Case laws related to Indirect Taxation. One can navigate easily through the table of content of the entire database.

We are with the right thought of mind that our product is a perfect solution to your problems being encountered by you in going through a large number of books, which is no doubt, a time-consuming and least-liking work. It provides a significant collection of Notifications and Circulars also Acts related to each category.

Once being a registered client one can access to our database but detail access will be for 2011yr data only. For full access of database, one has to subscribe full Online package. This can be accessed from any computer or laptop having internet access. After 12month or 1 year of Subscription, one has to renew this subscription for next 1 yr./2 yr.. There is no fix period for subscription. Any day of the year the subscription can start.

We have small packages category-wise. Also have full Online Package and e-Library CD (For desktop application) offline users who do not want to access through internet. It is an installable CD. Once being a registered subscriber you’d be getting quarterly updates through 4 CDs per annum to update your database.

Our business is subscription-based, comprising of multinational and domestic corporations; service providers such as lawyers, consultants, and accounting firms, Governmental ministries and departments, officials connected to revenue, taxation, and commerce. Cencuser’s salient feature has been its ability to bridge ongoing communication gaps that exist between Gov.policy making, and policy application.

Queries asked by you through support link will be given proper regard as per first come and first serve basis. 

Underscoring the value of our business premise is the fact that we have amongst the active users of our services, the Ministry of Finance which sets the fiscal policies for the country, The Ministry of Commerce which sets the trade policies for the country, the Reserve Bank of India which tailors the Monetary Policy, and the Big accounting firms who subscribe to our information packages and use these as a critical resource tool in order to effectively provide their services.

We pride ourselves as a dynamic, adaptive, technically strong and experienced organization. Our values may be encapsulated as follows:

·         We are strong in build and maintain technically.

·         Use of latest technology, innovation to results through smart teamwork.

·         Above all, we respect our subscribers.


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